Artistic Director and Manager : Julien Skowron

LA  MAURACHE is a vocal and instrumental ensemble composed of  musicians specialized in the interpretation of the music during Middle-Ages and the Renaissance.
Since 1978, when the group was created by Julien Skowron, La Maurache has never stopped performing in France and all around the world (3 tours in States for Ray Weiss), and has enabled people to discover and share the riches of this large repertoire by make it popular.
Research, restoration, and historical respect, but also Lively Performance and creativity are the guidelines of  La Maurache in concerts and recording.
The musicians of La Maurache perform in medieval style costumes. Their instruments (there are about thirty of them), are accurate reproductions made by specialized instrument-makers after modes and historical documents of traditional instruments.
La Maurache can be seen as a court music ensemble (voices, lutes, fiddles, viols, spinet...) enriched with popular elements ("natural voices", high wind instruments, drums...).

"The musicians of La Maurache embrace the early repertoire in a manner that totaly dismisses scepticism.Their approach does not derive from tormented musicological considerations,but from a permanently renewed revival.Thus we can fully enjoy the impulse, poetry and dynamism of this music.The musicians introduce their programme to the audience in a playful, relaxed way that arouses immediate support, spontaneous pleasure, thoroughly deprived of any formal silence, as varied pieces of the programme freely follow one another. The performers put to good use their varied instruments, which they shillfully master, they combine their voices in constantly renewed patterns and do not hesitate to put to the fore the dynamic and mischievous side of the pieces, compening dancing events in a light and elegant way, underlining the naughty impertinence of the chansons"...
(D.P. "Journal de Genève")